Is it worth using a fully automatic palletizer instead of manual palletizing?

Time:2020-06-24 09:16:56Source:admin1

From the perspective of intelligence in the 21st century, fully automatic palletizers have more advantages than humans. The simple operation and direct computer control to realize automatic production of machinery are very helpful to enterprises. Good results have been achieved in some industries.

1. Cost

The price of the fully automatic palletizer is indeed much higher. But for a relatively large processing plant, the wages of workers have exceeded the cost of an automatic palletizer, and the palletizer has a longer service life, which is also a cost saving for the enterprise.

2. Speed

The technical level of automatic palletizers is becoming more and more mature, and the output can reach 600-1200 times per hour, but if it is manually completed from the conveyor line grabbing the object to placing it on the pallet, it will take several times the time, which shows that the labor The efficiency and output are obviously inferior to the fully automatic palletizer.

3. Labor shortage

In the past business operations, manual management was also a very important and tricky part. Faced with rounds of labor shortages, companies had to fall into a passive state if they were unable to recruit people. But if you use a fully automatic palletizer to replace labor, you don't need to worry about the above problems. And the robot management is more simple, as long as you master its operation and maintenance.

4. Stack type
When manual palletizing, it is directly placed on the pallet, loose and disordered. The automatic palletizer is arranged in order after being arranged into shapes by the gripper, and the shape of the stack is very neat and beautiful.

5. Labor

A production line requires 3-6 persons, and an automatic palletizer production line requires only one person.

6. Warehouse capacity

The reason why palletizing height is so important is that this parameter is closely related to saving warehouse space. The higher the palletizing, the more warehouse capacity can be saved, which is also a way to improve efficiency. Improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce human resources for enterprises, and realize automatic production of machinery. It is possible for enterprises to refine, digitally manage, reduce costs and increase efficiency. In general, it is very worthwhile to replace manual palletizing with fully automatic palletizers. With the improvement of automatic palletizer technology and the demands of operations, it will be sooner or later that the automatic palletizer replaces manual palletizing operations. In fact, good results have been achieved in some industries.

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