• Congratulations to t

    On July 28, Tokugawa Yasumaru announced to the local government, important customers, channels, media, and the industry that the new Tokugawa Yasumaru plant will be officially put into operation with ...

  • Four elements of low

    The rapid advancement of China's economy has driven the development of the food industry. There are not only a wide variety of food on the market, but also a variety of packaging. On the whole, fo...

  • Analysis of market s

    At present, packaging machinery manufacturing is mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other countries and regions. As one of the important sub-industries of packaging mac...

  • The 12th Shanghai In


  • Is it worth using a

    From the perspective of intelligence in the 21st century, fully automatic palletizers have more advantages than humans. The simple operation and direct computer control to realize automatic production...

  • How to apply robotic

     How can robot technology be applied to the packaging line? In the development of modern industry, the technology of robots is becoming more and more mature. Let's take a look at the specific...


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