Powder packaging machine will determine the future trend of the domestic packaging machine market

Time:2020-06-09 12:05:42Source:小编

The high efficiency of daily production work requires automatic identification of production machinery. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness, hardness, rebound force, etc. of the packaging material, and use computer feedback to adjust the motion range of the manipulator to ensure that it does not rebound. On the other hand, a variety of different products, such as chocolates or snacks of different shapes, are packed in the same box, and their arrangement is regular. The products delivered by the production line are disordered, and the probes can be used to swipe to determine the different shapes. The position of the material is fed back to different manipulators, it will accurately place the items in the tray in the correct position and direction, fast and accurate, and eliminate the visual and finger fatigue of manual operation.

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The increasing awareness of environmental protection reduces noise and dust pollution, and minimizes waste, which is particularly important in the food processing process. When food raw materials are processed, not only the main products are harvested, such as corn processing. In addition to corn starch, the products also include corn oil, salad oil, margarine, glucose, corn gluten and feed, as well as sewage treatment and other production processes, all of which are automated. Without waste and pollution, the value of other products has greatly exceeded the value of corn starch. It can be seen that automation, high efficiency, and energy saving will be the common pursuit of food and packaging machinery manufacturers.


A few years ago, automation technology only accounted for 30% of packaging machinery design. Now it has accounted for more than 50%. Microcomputer design and mechatronics control are used extensively to increase the degree of automation of packaging machinery. The purpose is to increase productivity and In order to improve the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment, the third is to improve the ability of packaging machinery to complete complex actions, that is, the use of robots to complete the packaging process. Automated operating procedures have been applied to more advanced packaging systems. For example, the application of PLC equipment and data collection systems represents the trend of advanced packaging systems. In order to ensure a high level of productivity, automatic inspection systems and high-efficiency automation systems are essential. In the future, industrial machinery, intelligent control, image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in food and packaging machinery, and food and packaging machinery will become increasingly automated and efficient. Energy-saving and intelligent development.


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