Intelligent manufacturing should be the main battlefield of artificial intelligence

Time:2020-06-09 12:07:05Source:小编

   According to the "Artificial Intelligence China Patent Technology Analysis Report" recently released by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, as of October 2019, China has accumulated more than 440,000 artificial intelligence patent applications, becoming the country with the largest number of patent applications in this field. Baidu, Tencent, Inspur, and Huawei ranked top in the number of patent applications.

       Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology leading this round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and it has a "head goose" effect with a strong spillover and driving force. This "head goose" effect is not only reflected in the vigorous development of the artificial intelligence industry, but also in that it will become the main driving force for my country's industrial upgrading and economic transformation. We see that artificial intelligence has been widely used in consumer and service fields, especially in e-commerce, healthcare, education, finance and other industries. In contrast, the integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing is in its infancy, mainly in non-manufacturing R&D, marketing and after-sales services.
At present, there are roughly two paths for the development of intelligent manufacturing: one is the transformation of Internet information technology enterprises to artificial intelligence manufacturing enterprises, and the other is the expansion of manufacturing enterprises to artificial intelligence manufacturing enterprises. In contrast, the second path has a more direct effect on my country's industrial upgrading. There are three links in the transmission chain of the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry: the advancement of artificial intelligence technology itself, the application and expansion of artificial intelligence in manufacturing scenarios, and the construction and innovation of manufacturing intelligent models. Accenture, an international consulting firm, predicts that the application of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry in 2035 can increase its value-added growth by about two percentage points, the largest increase in all industrial sectors.
   The advantages of my country's development of intelligent manufacturing are very obvious. As the world's most populous country, the largest manufacturing industry, and the most mobile communication users, my country is bound to be the world's largest smart manufacturing application market. my country's manufacturing industry has gone through the development stages of mechanization, automation, and digitization, and is now entering the era of artificial intelligence. At the same time, the labor cost of my country's manufacturing industry has risen rapidly. Affected by the external economic situation and the downward pressure on the domestic economy, business pressure has increased. It can be said that smart manufacturing has both practical conditions and urgent needs in my country.
   However, we must also see certain difficulties. First, unlike the commercial field, the data needed for the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing is difficult to collect, develop, and utilize; second, a major feature of intelligent manufacturing is flexible manufacturing or personalized customization, and the deep integration of the two is difficult to adopt a reproducible system And the overall solution. These contradictions all take a long time to resolve.
       In the face of these uncertainties, national industrial policies should shift to inclusive and functional industrial policies that promote free competition, focusing on providing institutional guarantees for the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing, especially a sound legal system and sound property rights. System and fair competition environment.  

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